Monday, 25 July 2011

Stone Soup log #1

So I played more Stone Soup today. Demonspawn Berserker.

Demonspawn mutate as they level up, I got to level 9 and only mutated twice, both very useful. One gave me regen on defeating opponents, and the other gave me horns, so I was given a secondary attack in the form of headbutts

Berserkers follow Trog, a god of carnage and violence. Kill things and sacrifice their corpses and he'll love you! He also hates magic and magic users, kill them too.

He grants you first off the ability to berserk and kill things very very quickly.

Later he gives you abilities that grant regen and magic resistance and the ability to summon berserking companions.

I died to a hill giant because I was exhausted and couldn't berserk in game :(

I might post something worthwhile in the future!